Super Mario Run Cheats

Super Mario Run Cheats

Wassup and Welcome to my site about Super Mario Run Cheats! But I don't just talk about the cheats on the game but I will actually give you a trick on how I have exploited the game using my new coins generator. You see, Super Mario has always been close to my heart and when I was younger, I used to play this game. And with the release of a new game on the very last month of 2016 makes this even a better Gift for me. And that is why I am giving out the glitch I found and how you too can enjoy the game with free coins. I hope you will enjoy my share so keep reading and discover how you can get your free coins and unlock the full game for free The usual question I get is How to cheat Super Mario Run. Well, there are several key points in the game. First one is the issue that it is a free to play game but its like you are only playing a demo version. So that really hurts because the moment you start to love the game, you are then asked to pay to continue. Well, I got you covered and when you use our tool, it will automatically unlock the game for you so you can download the rest of the game as if you have paid for it. Second concern is coins. It's one of the in game currencies that you may need to buy at some point in the game. Again the good news is you don't have to because you will get all the coins you want for the game and start building your very own Kingdom. And the last one is a speed hack. Which will allow you do zip fast through all your opponents. It's is such a nice feature but also pretty tricky to play because you will be like crazy zooming through your opponents.

What exactly is Super Mario Run Cheats?

Addressing the first problem which is how to unlock the game without spending some money for its upgrade is the our primary concern. You will see when you run the game that there is a button that says, "Automatically update and unlock the game". Well, it is set on default that it will unlock it for you so even if you forget about it, it will still make sure that you get the premium stuff. So that solves your first problem. So with your game being unlocked, you will can now update it and play the rest of the game. Cool? Absolutely!

How to get unlimited Coins in Super Mario Run?

Now that we have the game unlocked, its now pure game time! And what's more better than having unlimited coins with you. How to get unlimited coins is pretty easy so let me go through the process. Going back to the generator, you will have to enter your username in the game so that my generator can connect to your account. You simply enter your username and select the platform you are using - Android or iOS/iPhone. Then you click on the connect button. Wait for a few seconds for the generator to do its job and sync your account with the tool. When its done, the coins buttons below will now be enabled and you can select your desired amount. I suggest that you start using the lower values sort of warming up your account. But don't worry about it because you can always come back for more account whenever you want. You will always have unlimited supply of coins no matter where you are in the game using our hack tool generator.

What if the game Changes?

Like any game, there will always be updates. The developers will always find new ways to entertain its gamers and keep them playing. Otherwise, the lifespan of a game will be very short. That is why we opted for an online generator because in that way, you don't have to worry of any updates. It will be my duty to keep updating the tool so that it can continue to sync with the game correctly. Although I expect that there may be times that you will encounter an error but that is pretty normal because of changes in the game algorithm. But rest assured that this hack tool will always be updated to work with the game.

Benefits of an Online Generator

So why did I opt for an online generator. Building a mod file that you just have to download and install to your device is actually much easier and an online generator is way too complex most of the time. But you see, the disadvantage lies on the game update. Because every time there is an update, you will also have to reinstall your game because it will most likely be inconsistent with the games algorithm and will surely bug down or crash down. The benefits of an online generator on the other hand, is that you don't have to download any install file because all injection is done through our secure server. Plus the added benefit that your device is free from any virus or malware intrusions. Although we don't do that and assure you that we are not giving out viruses, there is actually no download to talk about in the first place.

Does the Online Generator Work?

So does the Online Super Mario Run Cheats Generator for unlimited coins and game unlock work? Yes, it does and you can be assured of that. I too am a game developer and just like any game, this are all coded in quiet similar programming languages. And that is why it is very easy for me to discover loop holes and glitches where I can send in my codes to modify the game. How do I know it? Because I encountered this errors whenever I develop a game. And most of the time, it is just the same. And like what all programmers use to say,"if it can be coded, it can be modified!". Besides, it's not like this is the first time you have heard of games being hacked, right. It happens all the time because there is always someone in the corner of this world that is smarter than the other guy. haha. Not that I am smarter. I just discovered some glitches to exploit! :) So to Summarize it all, just follow the tutorial section below.


  1. Click on the "Generator" at the top of this page
  2. This should take you to the generator. Enter you username
  3. Keep all options enabled for secure injection
  4. Connect your account and select your desired amount of coins
  5. Wait for the generator to finish.
  6. Enjoy your unlocked game and unlimited coins!